Try Wife Sharing To Rekindle Your Spark

Every marriage falls into a rut sooner or later and that sexual spark, once gone can be extremely hard to rekindle. guys, remember when you started dating and you’d feel jealousy rising if another guy so much as looked at your girl? Yeah, it’s like that.. that slightly rougher sex you’d have after she’d been flirting, to remind her whose girl she is.. can’t beat it.
So, unknown to me, she joined Wife-Share , a popular wife sharing site.Hell when I found out I was angry, but wow, I also got my horn on for the first time in months, suddenly I saw that girl I fell in love with, that feisty, sexy bitch I couldn’t get enough of, and I had her right there in the kitchen, with her laptop still open on her messages to some young guy. Man, what a turn on!
I encourage her to meet “Builtdude26”, at 14 years her junior, he wasn’t looking for anything other than sex with an older woman, so perfect, I knew it was just about animal passion. Wife sharing excited us both and when she went to meet him, hell, I had a permanent hard on thinking about all the ways that young stud was using my wife’s body. She came home from her first exploration into wife sharing and we were at it like rabbits, and her usual shyness was gone, she let me explore every inch of her and I could still smell him on her… man, that horny little bitch had me so hot, hotter than I ever thought I could get for a woman after being  married so long and 3 kids!
Wife sharing rekindled our desire in a way I never could have guessed, and Wife-Share provides a safe zone for us to explore that desire. I love how my wife has reclaimed her sexiness, she’s only 40 after all and can give a younger girl a run for her money even after having kids.
A strong marriage can weather a little experimentation, and honestly gives a strong safe foundation for a little kink.. try it, what’s the worst that can happen?